Lesson-3 Installing Software

Installing software (programms, apps) on your computer. Things you should know. First of all, you are running a Linux Computer! Linux is not Windows, OSX or Android. So you have to install software that is made for Linux, in our case for Ubuntu (Xubuntu is a flavour of Ubuntu). Don’t try to download Windows Software […]

JKU and Langenscheidt: Free German-Arabic Dictionary

Source: Login Credentials Langenscheidt Dictionary German-Arabic You can login for free  with the following passwords/usernames at  Website -> Langenscheidt (right top corner) Username: Passwort: arabischdeutsch Username: Passwort: arabischdeutsch2 Username: Passwort: arabischdeutsch3 Username: Passwort: arabischdeutsch4 Username: Passwort: arabischdeutsch5 Username: Passwort: arabischdeutsch6 Username: Passwort: arabischdeutsch7 Die Zugänge sind bis Ende November […]